The objective of this 1-day symposium is to engage students, faculty, government, industry and entrepreneurs across the region in biomimicry and the scientific and technological advancements associated with this practice. Our program is arranged to provide background, specific case studies and open discussion. First, we offer a short introduction to the field and how it relates to academic and industrial application and collaboration. Then, a series of leaders in the field will present their recent work in biomimicry. Finally, the symposium will finish with a question and answer session with a panel of academics, industrial and entrepreneurial biomimicry experts. This symposium will also include a brief discussion of Louisville’s first biomimicry-inspired “hack-a-thon”, in preparation for our Fall 2015 event. The symposium is limited to only seven invited speakers and a small panel of experts.

We hope you will join us May 7th!

For more information please contact:

Alyssa Stark


To register for the event (free) please follow this LINK


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